Summer Camps, Classes, and Workshops



Camps, classes, and other programs to spark your imagination and keep you motivated this summer!


Music Around the Globe – Grab your passport and get ready to travel around the world!  Campers will experience music from different continents and explore the rhythms, sounds, and instruments which make each unique.  Join us this summer and see the world through sound!

Date and time:  June 20-24, 9-12 noon

Ages:  7-10

Cost: $150

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Musical Time Travelers – Have you ever wondered how music has become what it is today?  Put on your seatbelt and get ready to travel back in time!  Campers will explore the sounds, melodies, and composers throughout history.

Date and time:  July 25-29, 9-12 noon

Ages:  7-10

Cost: $150

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Explore Music at EMF – In partnership with Eastern Music Festival, The Music Academy offers a wonderful experience to learn about the symphony orchestra.  Explorers receive an introduction to classical music and the orchestra through hands-on learning.  Experienced instructors provide a kid-friendly and creative approach to music through instrument demonstrations, orchestra rehearsal visits, making and playing instruments, singing, and engaging activities with melody, harmony, and rhythm.  Campers will be up-close and personal with some of the nation’s top student orchestral musicians.  A once-in-a-lifetime experience!
One adult and one child ticket to an EMF performance is included with camp registration!

Date and time:  July 11-15, 9-12 noon

Ages: Ages 5-8

Cost per student:  $160

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Classes, Workshops, and a Study Challenge


Quick-Study Piano Challenge! (Registration coming soon) – Committing about 10 minutes to this skill, for five days each week, students will increase their music reading skills and earn points throughout the summer.  Certificates will be given to everyone who participates in the challenge, and prizes will be awarded to those who earn the most points!  Students will be assessed prior to beginning the challenge and will be assigned to purchase one of the inexpensive ten levels of “Sight Reading: Piano Music for Sight Reading and Short Study” by D. Hidy & K. Snell (Kjos Publications).  Most of the examples in these books are only eight measures long and less than 30 seconds—very “do-able.” Students will be allowed to submit a maximum of five videos each week.  A scoring rubric will be given to the students so they understand how they will be evaluated. 

Using a shared Google Drive students will submit their videos.  Once each week the instructor will listen, score, and add up the points.  Each student will be assigned a shared Google Folder for them to upload their videos.  A readable scoring sheet will allow students to see their own scores and how they compare to others.  Each student will be able to create their own “name” to keep it anonymous/confidential for the scoring sheet. 

Level/Age: Elementary through Early Advanced

Materials: Included

Schedule: Begins the week of June 13 and continues for eight weeks. No meetings other than an initial 15-minute assessment to recommend the appropriate level.  

Formats: Online

Max Enrollment: Unlimited! 

Cost per student: $96


Rock Your Audition! –
Auditions for school and community activities are around the corner… Join us for a one-time workshop that will give you the skills and confidence to rock any audition! If you have a song you already use for auditions, bring it along. If not, we will help you find one!

Ages: 3rd grade – 8th grade (ages 9-13)

Date and time: August 20, 11:00 am -12:30 pm

Performance Hall, The Music Academy of NC

Instructors: Stephanie Foley Davis and Clarice Weiseman

Cost per student: $20

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Never Let ’em See You Sweat!
Develop your confidence and stage presence!  Tried and True confidence building techniques and song interpretive skills.  In person class. Masking required for unvaccinated students.

Ages: Beginner through intermediate voice students

Date and time: August 13, 11:00 am -12:30 pm

Performance Hall, The Music Academy of NC

Instructors: Woody Faulkner

Cost per student: $20

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How do they sing like that? Have you ever wondered about how everyone has their own unique singing voice? Well, now’s your chance to learn about a few famous voices and their unique sounds! “How Do They Sing Like That?” is back with two new singers to explore: Freddie Mercury and Lady Gaga.

Ages: This class is for rock and pop enthusiasts; voice teachers; singers of all genres!

Date and time: August 20, 2:00 – 3:30 pm

Allen Recital Hall, The Music Academy of NC

Instructors:  Stephanie Foley Davis

Cost per student: $20

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International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) for Foreign Languages This course is an introduction to the use of the IPA as an aid in singing in the most frequently performed foreign languages in the United States:  Latin, Italian, French, German, and Spanish. As those of you who have taken the IPA course for English know, the IPA reduces languages to their spoken (phonetic) sounds.

Ages: 8th grade and up

Date and time: August 8, 10, 12 (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday); 2-4 pm

Room 222, The Music Academy of NC

Instructors:  Charlene Marchant

Cost per student: $95

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