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Music Academy Recording Studio | Recording Studio Lessons

The Tannenbaum-Sternberger Foundation Recording Studio is the perfect space for your creativity! Record your band’s next demo or album in a professional recording environment. Our studio is full of the latest analog and digital recording equipment, and our tracking room is large enough to accommodate a rock band or a small ensemble and is equipped with a Kawai 5’9″ grand piano. The Music Academy can also provide many professional quality instruments and amps to help you get the sound you’ve been hoping to achieve! Contact Chris Rachal—Recording Engineer—with questions.

Policy and Rates:

Fee:  $40/hour
$35/hour for students and faculty of MANC

  • There is a two hour minimum for a recording session.
  • Recording time charges include set up time, tracking, editing, mixing, mastering, and CD burning.  An on going project would not have to adhere to the two minimum each time the studio is booked as long as it is the same project as began with the initial two hour recording session.
  • Payment for recording studio time is due at the time of recording.
  • Recording sessions can be paid for in advance by mail or dropping off a check to Robin Morgan at the Music Academy or paying in advance on the Music Academy website, www.  Checks should be made out to Music Academy of NC.
  • Payment should include the two hour minimum and any addition time spent using the studio over the initial two hours.
  • The Music Academy of North Carolina will provide two copies of the finished recording project on CD.
  • Music Academy of North Carolina agrees not to sell or distribute any project that is recorded at the Music Academy Recording Studio without the permission of the artist responsible for the recording.

Recording Studio Lessons with Recording Engineer Chris Rachal

Interested in learning how to do Music Production. Perhaps you’d like to get a head start on Music Production at Weaver Academy?

At the Music Academy’s Recording Studio (M.A.R.S.) you’ll learn music production and recording skills such as:

  • Pro Tools recording software
  • Sound Theory
  • Signal Flow
  • The different types of cables
  • Live Sound set up
  • Learning how to operate a sound board
  • Microphones types and uses
  • How to mic different instruments
  • Record and edit a Music Academy recital
  • Engineer a recording session at M.A.R.S.
  • Edit the recording session
  • Mixing an audio project.
  • CD mastering and burning a recorded project.

For more information on recording lessons, please fill out our registration form.