Q: Do I have to audition to become a student at The Music Academy?
A: No, we accept students of all ages, interests, abilities, and backgrounds; from the absolute beginner looking for an introduction to music, to the professional seeking to hone his skills.

Q: What ages do you teach?
A: We teach students of all ages; from babies in our Early Childhood Program, through retired adults.

Q: What if I just want to play music “just for fun”?
A: That’s fine.  Teachers will meet with you (and/or your parent) and individualize a course of study to meet your individual goals; whether you want to be able to play for your own pleasure, to entertain your friends and family, to play with a band, etc. The teacher is here to help you reach YOUR goals.

Q: What if I am not interested in classical music?
A: We offer lessons in a variety of styles including classical, jazz, rock, folk, bluegrass, gospel, and early childhood education.

Q: Suppose I am an accomplished musician and am looking for someone to help me audition for a music school, professional orchestra, etc.?
A: Our exceptional faculty are as diverse as our programs, able to challenge advanced students; encourage the young beginner; and engage students with special needs. Trained in well-respected music schools, many hold advanced degrees and are in demand to adjudicate at state and regional competitions; also teach in colleges and universities; and are active recording artists, solo performers, and in professional performing groups.

Q: What if I don’t own the instrument I want to play?
A: We have a limited supply of instruments we rent to students for a nominal fee.  If we do not have an appropriate instrument available, we can direct you to a source for rental or purchase.

Q: What if I have trouble affording lessons? How much do lessons cost?
A: Our prices are listed here. Lesson cost varies depending on the length of the lesson and whether it is a private or class lesson. We have a payment plan, offer discounts for early payments and referrals, accept credit cards and checks, and have a limited Financial Aid Program (explained under Scholarship Policies).  We try to make it possible for anyone to study with us who has the desire.

Q: Can I take just a few lessons?
A: We offer a package of four Introductory lessons, but usually recommend a full term of lessons to experience noticeable progress.

Q: What if I am not really sure that I want to study at The Music Academy, what can you do to help me decide?
A: We offer placement assessments for a nominal fee, where you come to The Music Academy and meet with a teacher at a potential lesson time. You can talk over your wants and needs, and ask specific questions.

Q: What if I am then interested in lessons there, but don’t like that particular teacher?
A: Then you may request another placement assessment (at the same nominal fee) with another potential teacher.

Q: How do I get started? Do I have to wait for the beginning of a term to begin?
A: No, you may begin lessons at any time, but must register for the remaining number of lessons in that term. Call (336) 379-8748 ext. 100, or email crachal@musicacademync.org. In your message, include your name and contact information and someone will get in touch with you right away.

Q: What are your student policies?
Please see our full student policies and please contact us if you have any additional questions or would like to schedule a visit.