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The Music Academy 2013-2014 Year in Review

Music Academy Students and Faculty perform the national anthem at a Greensboro Grasshoppers Game

Music Academy Jazz Workshop Concert

Lessons for Life

Faculty and Friends Showcase Concert
September 26, 2014
Stephanie Foley Davis, voice; Chris Rachal, voice and guitar; and Brad Dickerson, voice and bass
Two of Us by Lennon/McCartney

Stephanie Foley Davis, mezzo-soprano; Nathan Daughtrey, percussion; Brian Carter, cello
Evenstar by N. Daughtrey

Kristen Blumenfeld, soprano; Andrew Dancy and Mike Lasley, marimbas
When Angels Will Be Free; You Know; I’ll Always Be Waiting For You
from “Love Songs” by J. Thrower

Christy Wisuthseriwong and Radha Upton, pianos
Le Grand Tango A. Piazzolla

Colleen Chenail, violin and Thomas Swenson, piano
Tango Attraction/M. Ashjian; Saudade/M. Tauben
Susannah Steele, piano
Moment Musical Op. 16, No. 5 in D-flat Major S. Rachmaninoff
Ruth Metheny and Colleen Chenail, violins; Christy Wisuthseriwong, piano
Five Pieces for 2 Violins/D. Shostakovich

Artist Faculty Concert Series #3: String Faculty
August 2014 (excerpt)

Live streaming video by Ustream

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Artist Faculty Concert Series: July 18,2014 Samee Griffith and Aaron Mood, four hands piano

Faculty Performances

Student Performance Demo track



  • Tate Overby – Piano
  • Dale Bates – Piano
  • Arwen He – Piano
  • Bryan Wang – Violin
  • Jonah Chiu – Violin
  • Jonathan Bell & Rachel Cline – Voice
  • Maria Glenn – Voice
  • Beth Rayne – Flute
  • Katie Bellow – Flute
  • Gabriel Fjellman (w/ Ken Brown) – Guitar
  • Alex Kroeger – Guitar

Music Academy Videos